In Appreciation

I do not have Andrew’s email so if you would please forward this to him as well.  The SEVC residents and staff cannot thank you enough for Saturday’s experience.  The amount of planning and coordination with the Veterans, SEVC, all of the police, and all the groups and volunteers who made this possible was completely overwhelming.  We did not have a dry eye in our van on the way home with that unbelievable motorcade escort.  Then to be greeted with such a warm welcome when we returned to Mission BBQ. This was a tremendous experience for our Women Veterans who attended and all they kept saying was how people their whole lives discredited that they were the veteran and not their spouse, and how amazing it was to have this day in their honor.  It was a day that truly honored these valiant women with the respect and valor they deserve.  Kudos to all of the staff an volunteers on your end.  Thank you so much to have been able to be a part of this experience.


hello, I just wanted  to thank you for  an amazing, honorable, unforgettable, great time on Saturday! I could not believe all the things you have done! It was very well  organized and thoughtful down to every  detail. And you ended it with a bang which had us all in tears! I’m still crying!   We were on the bus talking about how people tell our husbands thank you for your service and  overlook us.   My husband would say  he’s not the veteran she is and they would say nothing. In spite of the discrimination I suffered in and out of the military, I still stay on my mission of helping my fellow Vets.  I volunteered at VA hospitals, I led donation drives for the homeless, I helped veterans who wanted to go back to college and I am retiring from the Dept. of VA this year.  My service is not over yet though.   So the tears were from overwhelming joy of FINALLY THEY SEE US!  Although we don’t do it for recognition, it felt wonderful!   thank you again so very much.  I will never forget what you’ve done and what you are doing for us.   US Army Veteran


There are no words to express how grateful and touched and humbled and blessed I feel for my trip yesterday. ALL OF YOU HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN HEAVEN! From start to finish, there was not a moment where I was not awed by the experience. You have NO IDEA how much the experience meant to me and I have been crying happy tears all day relating to others the experience I had. You guys acted as a well oiled machine and there was not one thing that could have made it any better and I and my family thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Yesterday ranked #3 in the best experience of my life, only after the birth of my kids and hell the youngest is almost 30! I was hoping to meet some people and have a bit of shared comraderie but I got and came away with about 200 brothers and sisters. I was one of the people who needed a guardian yesterday and I know that I will probably never be able to act as a volunteer for that part of the experience for someone else but please, please, PLEASE let me help in any way for all future flights. I can probably not even think of all the prep work that goes into that but I want to be a part of making that happen for another veteran. You guys have all my information and I am sure you are already hard at work on the next. Please let me help.


Your superior performance has been an positive inspiration for veterans with PTSD.You and your staff provided whatever assistance was needed.You show unyielding dedication and loyalty.If we had more people of your caliber it is possible the Vietnam war might have had a different ending. It was my great pleasure to have met you and your staff. 


Your superior performance has been an positive inspiration for veterans with PTSD.You and your staff provided whatever assistance was needed.You show unyielding dedication and loyalty.If we had more people of your caliber it is possible the Vietnam war might have had a different ending. It was my great pleasure to have met you and your staff. 

A Vietnam Veteran6/9/19

 I want to thank you and the entire team for an absolutely amazing and perfect trip to DClast Sunday.  Totally outstanding!My dear friend, of 74 years, Gordy Boyce (Lt.Cmdr SEAL TEAM II) left his tour in Viet Nam 50 years ago this summer.  He was an amazing Combat Soldier and leader, as per Drew Dix who served with him and wrote a book about their combined experience….The Rescuing of River City during the TET Offensive.  He was also mentioned in Marchenko’s book, Rouge Warriors.   Both books are on Kindle.We had a wonderful day and Gordy told me that he would remember the trip and his experience for the rest of his life…! thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving all of the veterans the opportunity for some closure or the beginning of the healing especially for my dear friend.  I will send the photos I took later.I will also ask Gordy if he would send a note of thanks to you if he could.I am still reeling from last Sunday.   All of it!I am so honored and Blessed to have been apart of HFP from my several trips as a Guardian, but this one was very different and extremely special in every way, but especially for Gordy and me.If you ever need me please reach out to me.  I am as close as an email, a text or a call.May God continue to Bless our wonderful Republic!It is Free because of all the people as far back as 1621 that were willing to give and so many gave it all.  Grateful doesn’t cover it!A Vietnam Veteran6/11/19

I called you as well as Andrew and Jo Dean and left voicemail after returning from the incredible Honor Flight Philadelphia.  I just want to put in writing, to you, my sincerest thank you for what was a most memorable day.  All of the arrangements, transportation, tours, lunch at the Air Force Memorial, the visit to all of the memorials and especially the moving and emotional visit to our Viet Nam Memorial were simply outstanding.  The trip home was its own event!  The Capitol Police escort through DC and then up the Baltimore Washington Parkway was unbelievable, but the escort we got from all of the motorcyclists, State Police and the Fire departments with their  honor salutes was just over the top. What an incredible reception at the Porch Restaurant!  What a meal!!  It is a day that I will never forget.

Thank you  and thanks to all at Honor Flight Philadelphia for everything you have done for us.  It is most sincerely appreciated.

A Vietnam Veteran6/3/19
The Honor Flight trip yesterday went far beyond my imagination and expectations!!!!! I was on the red bus and the level of service & attention by the bus “guides” provided a level of attention that can only be compared to a five star restaurant or hotel. The non-stop trip provided by local police in PA & DE was great and the escorted day by the Washington, DC motorcycle police for the entire day was UNBELIEVABLE! I was blown away on the trip home by the hundreds of motorcycles that escorted us from the PA border to the restaurant and all of the fire company greetings on the overpasses along the way! But, I have to admit that I was brought to tears when I saw the hundreds, if not over a thousand, people outside the restaurant that greeted us with salutes, hand shakes, hugs and kisses from the bus to the restaurant (I am tearing up as I type this E-mail message)!!!!! When I got to the end of the line I looked back, reflected on the rest of the day and said to myself  “I really do feel welcomed home“.

Please forward this to everyone that played a part, no matter how large or small, since I do not have anyone’s Email address except yours.

Thank You and God Bless you all!


From WWII veterans

Hello Willi,
You might remember that I contacted you a few months ago about my two uncles,  both WWII vets. You were kind enough to give me a lot of information which I passed along to their children. As you know, they did go with you to DC on September 24.  I want to thank you and your organization for the incredible work you do to honor these heroes of the greatest generation. My uncles have talked of little else since their return home. At their age, they don’t get out much, so this trip was all the more special.  I’m a Vietnam vet myself and I try to give back a little by volunteering at our local USO every week. Again, Willi, thanks for all you do. 
 P.S. Just received a card from my Uncle Leonard and I wanted to pass along a copy to you.