• Eagles Ticket Winner Rudolph F. from Quakertown, PA Eagles Ticket Winner Rudolph F. from Quakertown, PA Rudolph is a veteran and hero as well as a big Eagles fan, who was able to travel with us last year to Washington,D.C. We would like to congratulate Rudolph on having the winning ticket as well as thank him for his service to our great nation.
  • 2016 Tour of Honor - May 21 2016 Tour of Honor - May 21 The first tour of 2016 will be held on May 21, 2016 departing from St. Kevin's Church in Springfield, PA. We are looking for World War II veterans to honor with a trip to Washington, D.C. to view those memorials dedicated to their service and sacrifice at no cost to the veteran. If you know of any of our Heroes who served during World War II, please pass this information to them or feel free to call us with their contact information.
  • Honor Flight Philadelphia Needs Your Support! Honor Flight Philadelphia Needs Your Support! Honor Flight Philadelphia gratefully accepts donations to help continue our noble mission. The ability to take our veterans to Washington, D.C. comes from the donations that we receive from our fellow Americans. The veterans pay nothing; they have already paid with their dedication to our great country.



Our veterans are men and women who at some point in their lives decided that they were prepared to suffer the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation. Thanks to their dedication, spirit and sacrifice we live in a society filled with freedom and liberty. Although we can never repay our veterans, we can honor them. An “Honor Flight” is simply a small token of our appreciation for everything they have done. During this trip the World War II veterans will be recognized, thanked and admired as the conquering victors that saved the world.

They come home from this trip knowing how much their country still loves and respects them. Please support us on this special day with our modest and humble veterans as we travel to Washington, D.C. to view their memorials. Volunteer to help with the planning and fundraising for our trip, become a Guardian to assist our veterans throughout their day and ensure their safe return home. Donate with your time or resources so we may send as many veterans as possible to Washington, D.C. while focusing on our vets to make certain they have a safe, comfortable journey.

The cost to send one veteran to Washington, D.C. is $250. There are thousands of World War II vets in our area and we would like to honor them all with your support.

The Honor Flight Philadelphia Team

GOAL: Helping every single veteran in America, willing and capable of getting on a bus or plane, visit THEIR memorial.